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For 34 years the Michael Olaf Montessori Company has helped create beautiful and developmentally correct learning environments with special items that foster creativity and a love of learning.


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Prayer for the Earth

A Christmas Prayer for the Earth for 5 years now this Stephenson family video, with original lyrics sung by Michael, and pictures from Susan's work around the world, has been shared all over the planet. We hope you enjoy it. The slide show of pictures was excellent! Your work is a perfect example of the way the Montessori method should be taught. —Phillip Montessori, grandson of Dr. Maria Montessori

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Creativity Do schools kill creativity? This is a link to a short talk, given at the end of an education conference, by Sir Ken Robinson. It is one of the most insightful and entertaining talks we have heard in a long time. Enjoy! (courtesy of
Food an important TED talkn.

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