Global Wisdom for Birth to Three
282 pages, 160+ black and white illustrations,

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The Joyful Child

Developmental video clips of children from birth to three: clips Montessori toys for children from birth to three: toys Companion book: Child of the World: Montessori, Global Education for 3-12+

Below you will see a very brief introduction to 0-3 Montessori principles
that were taken from the Michael Olaf 0-3 catalog.
It is hoped that this will inspire you to order the 0-3 book illustrated at the top of this page.

Montessori 0-3, a PDF file:
A brief overview in PORTUGUESE

This translation of the Montessori overview was sent to us by a mother in Brazil who has raised her son with the guidance of the Michael Olaf Montessori information available on the Internet. Muito Obrigado Evanielli!

Map of Brazil

Montessori 0-3, a PDF file:
A brief overview in RUSSIAN

This translation of the Montessori overview is made possible by the Montessori School of Moscow, where Susan Stephenson served as a consultant in 2010 and 2011. You can see the English version of their website here: MOS

Infant Community in Moscow

Montessori 0-3, a PDF file:
A brief overview in ARABIC

In the spring of 2011 Susan was invited to help plan for Montessori education for Palestinian refugees. The picture to the right is a painting on "the wall" made by Susan and her hostess. More information: 2011

Montessori in the MIddle East

An earlier version of the book The Joyful Child, is now available in Japanese.

The Japanese version of Susan Stephenson's overview of the child from birth to three, is now in its second printing. It is beautiful book with many illustrations, a best seller for Japanese parents, used as a guide for online courses. On-line “baby study groups” have been formed for Japanese families in Japan and outside of Japan, using this book as the text.
-—Takako Fukatsu, AMI 0-6 Japan course

It can be ordered here: Japanese "Joyful Child"

The Joyful Child in Japanese

Montessori 0-3, a PDF file:
A brief overview in POLISH

Joanna and Rafal Szczypka, as they awaited the arrival of their first child, translated the text from the Michael Olaf 0-3 catalog into Polish. They tell us "It took some time but it was a great time for both of us - my wife and myself. We have learned so much doing the translation and rereading the text again and again." Click here for the Montessori website in Polish by Rafal and Joanna: Polish

PHOTO: This picture taken by Rafal, of Joanna and her son Jan, shows the intense concentration of the child and the innate wisdom of studying the human face.

Joanna and Jan

Montessori 0-3, a PDF file:
A brief overview in CHINESE

Michael Guo, of The International Training Center of Montessori Education of China, in order to inform people of the importance of the first three years of life, and to inspire the Montessori 0-3 training in China, translated the Michael Olaf 0-3 catalog into Mandarin Chinese in 2003.

The Michael Olaf Montessori 0-3 catalog is no longer in print
but there are a few boxes left, for information to to this link: catalogs

Montessori toys from this catalogue can be found here: TOYS

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