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GB730 The Red Corolla: Montessori Cosmic Education GB730 The Red Corolla: Montessori Cosmic Education for Age 3-6
Montessori Cosmic Education begins at birth. Here are clearly defined lessons for ages 3-6+ in physics, botany, zoology, history, geography, music, and art, useful for older children as well. For families, schools, teacher training centers.

CDE606.jpg DE606 Electric Circuit Set, including directions for use
One of the most important physics experiments for ages 3-6. Only available through the Michael Olaf company.
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CPE300J.jpg PE300J Joyful Child Frame
A beautiful wood frame made locally to hold our large, 10-piece, picture sets. Search "large pictures" below to see more than 15 picture sets.
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CDL350.jpg DL350 Musical Instrument Pictures Set (10)
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CDT15.jpg DT15 Matreshka Nesting Doll, 6 Doll Set
One of the most favorite toys all over the world. 6 dolls nesting one inside each the next. Beatiful. Made in Russia.
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CDL055J.jpg DL055 Vegetable Cards, set/24
Important language for the home and classroom. Order 2 sets ($12) for matching cards or reading cards. Found in Montessori classes around the world.
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Price $10.00 $6.00

CCR255.jpg CR255 Placemat and Napkin Set, blue
Recommended in the international Montessori 0-3 teacher training teacher training course.
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CCR057.jpg CR057 Fork and Spoon Set, 5 each
Recommended in the international Montessori 0-3 teacher training teacher training course.
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CBT230.jpg BT230 Original Topponcino ONLY (covers to be ordered separately)
A topponcino and cover is the most important item for a newborn. This is the only Topponcino approved by the AMI Montessori 0-3 Assistant to Infancy program. Click for more information.
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CBA060.jpg BA060 Butterfly Mobile
#1 favorite mobile. We highly recommend ordering the mobile hanger with this mobile (BA18).
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CDP33J.jpg DP33J Shells and Cards
Black and white pictures are essential so that the child looks carefully at the feature of each shell, not just the color. 24 beautiful shells with matching pictures.
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CDL354.jpg DL354 Large Butterfly/Moth Pictures Set/ 10
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bitscountries.jpg DAA104 Countries Picture Set (10)
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CGB400.jpg GB400 The Joyful Child: Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three
This book takes the science-based wisdom of "Understanding the Human Being" and, through many pictures and anecdotes, makes the valuable information more accessible to parents and academics interested in this stage of human development. Introduction by Silvana Montanaro, MD. MORE
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Michael Olaf is a publisher of Montessori books but continues to provide, and ship internationally, a few specialized Montessori-approved products for Montessori nidos (birth to one year), infant communities (1-3 years), primary classes (3-6 years) and homes. Michael Olaf Montessori Publishers, PO Box 1162, Arcata, California, 95518; www.michaelolaf.net; michaelolafcompany@gmail.com